SAT Vocabulary List

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abridge shorten 
abstract apart from concrete realities; difficult to understand 
accessible capable of being reached 
acclaim applaud 
acknowledge to recognize the rights, authority, or status of 
acquiesce agree without protest 
acrid sharp or bitter 
adversary opponent 
adverse unfavorable 
advocate to plead in favor of 
affirmation a positive assertion 
agenda a plan or program 
aggregate to gather, to accumulate 
altruistic unselfishly generous 
ambiguous capable of being understood in two or more possible ways 
ambivalence the state of having contradictory emotions 
amorphous lacking shape 
analogous comparable 
anarchist a person who rebels against authority 
antagonism actively expressed opposition or hostility 
antediluvian extremely primitive or outmoded 
antidote a remedy to counteract the effects of poison; something that relieves 
antiquated outmoded or discredited by reason of age 
apathy lack of caring 
appease to pacify 
apprehension suspicion or fear especially of future evil 
archaic characteristic of an earlier or more primitive time 
artifact an object remaining from a particular period 
artisan craftsperson 
ascendance domination 
aspire seek to attain 
authoritarian relating to a concentration of power in a leader 
autonomous self-governing 
aversion firm dislike 
avert to turn away 
aviary a place for keeping birds confined 
belie give a false impression 
benevolent marked by or disposed to doing good 
bequeath to hand down, especially by a will 
braggart a loud arrogant boaster 
brevity shortness of duration 
buttress support 
candor honesty 
censorious critical 
certitude certainty 
circumlocution the use of an unnecessarily large number of words to express an idea 
compile to put together in one book or work 
complacency self-satisfaction, often while unaware of some potential danger 
complementary serving to fill out or complete 
compliance a disposition to yield to others 
concede to accept as true, often grudgingly or hesitantly 
conciliatory soothing 
concise marked by brevity 
concur approve or agree with 
confluence flowing together 
conjecture a conclusion deduced by surmise or guesswork 
constraint limitation or restrictions 
contentious quarrelsome 
contract to reduce to smaller size 
converge to come together 
conviction a strong persuasion or belief 
cordial gracious 
credulity gullibility 
cursory casual, hastily done 
curtail shorten 
cynical distrusting or disparaging the motives of others 
debilitate to impair the strength of 
defame to harm the reputation of by libel or slander 
degradation humiliation 
dehydrate to remove water from 
deleterious harmful 
delineate to describe, portray or set forth with accuracy or in detail 
denounce to pronounce to be blameworthy or evil 
depose dethrone or to remove someone from a position of authority 
deride ridicule 
derivative not original, secondary, something derived 
despondent depressed 
detached separate, apart; indifferent, disinterested 
deterrent something that discourages r turns aside 
diffuse wordy, spread out 
digression a turning aside especially from the main subject 
diminution  the act of diminishing or decreasing 
discerning  mentally quick 
disclose reveal 
discordant disagreeing, quarrelsome 
disinclination unwillingness 
dismiss to permit or cause to leave 
disparage belittle 
disparity difference; unlikeness; incongruity 
dispassionate not affected by personal or emotional involvement 
disputatious inclined to dispute 
dissent disagree 
dissonance discord 
distend expand 
divergent diverging; differing; deviating 
doctrine a body or system of teachings 
document to provide with factual or substantial  
effance rub out 
elaboration an expansion of something in detail 
eloquence  expressiveness 
elucidate explain 
elusive hard to express or define 
endorse to approve, support, or sustain 
enmity hatred, hostility 
enunciate to utter or pronounce esp. in an articulate manner 
erratic wandering characterized by lack of consistency, regularity, or uniformity 
erroneous mistaken 
erudite learned, scholarly 
eulogy a speech or writing in praise of a person 
euphimism mild expression in place of unpleasant one 
evanescent fleeting, vanishing 
exacerbate to increase the severity, bitterness or violence of 
exalt to praise 
execute to carry out; accomplish 
exemplary outstanding 
explicit fully and clearly expressed 
facilitate to make easier; help forward 
fallacious false 
fanaticism excessive zeal 
fell to knock, strike, shoot, or cut down 
fervor intensity of feeling 
florid reddish, flowery 
foolhardy recklessly or thoughtlessly bold 
frivolous lacking seriousness or sense 
frugality thrift 
glutton one who overeats 
gratify to satisfy; indulge 
gratuitous given freely 
gravity seriousness 
gregarious fond of the company of others; sociable 
gullible easily deceived or cheated 
hardy sturdy; strong 
homogenous of the same kind 
ignominy deep disgrace 
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